Hiya Dallyns! Crack open a cutla bottles of Zinfandel and embrace your true hun self.

Do you ever wonder why, when it all starts kicking off, all you can hear is Pam from Gav & Stacey saying “It’s all the drama, Mick, I just love it!” When Wednesday rolls around, do you often find yourself down All Bar Hun for some 2-4-1 Cocky Ts with the girlies? Does Kat Slater announcing herself to be not just “a little bit of a slag, but a TOTAL SLAG” weirdly resonate with you? And have you studied multiple series of reality TV just to better get toknow the inner workings of the human mind?

If the answer is yes to any of these, you’re a little bita hun, dallyn, and this book will help you live, love and laugh your way to becoming a truly Gemma Collins level premi-hun.


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